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Express your passion...

With Style


Do you have a favorite car that you want to wear in style? Our customization service is here to bring your vision to life. Here's how to do it:

  • 1) Contact us

Contact us to start the process. You can reach us via Instagram (inspirationcar.brand) or email

  • 2) Your Personalization

General Choices:

- Opt for a front, back or both design.

- Select the color of the t-shirt: black/white/gray/blue

(Note that we only accept car model names for copyright reasons)

Customization of the Front:

- Personalize with a logo, the model in question or a special inscription.

Rear Customization

- Choose text color (all colors are available).

- Select the angle of the car (three-quarter, front, profile).

- Opt for signature typography like " Vintage Charm ", " Iconic Classic " or " Modern Performance ".

Special demands : If you have any specific ideas, share them in your request.

  • 3) Payment and Price

Once the design is finalized, we will send you a link to make your purchase on our online store.

The price of a personalization is an additional €5 on the initial price of the item. See the examples:

  • T-shirt: €34.99 .

  • Basic Sweatshirt: 54.99

  • Premium® sweatshirt: 69.99

Our team is ready to turn your love for cars into a unique design. Contact us now for a completely personalized project that expresses your passion.

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