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Top Secret Prototypes

Little revealed to the public, these different models are carefully guarded by the automobile giants. Today, they are intended only for visionaries and travelers of the future . Enter a new era now with our VisionaryCar ® collection

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Powerful engines, a futuristic feat

At the heart of these engines is a combination of innovative technologies such as direct injection and turbochargers optimized to maximize power and minimize fuel consumption. This synergy unlocks a massive amount of power

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Record Performances

With development focused on maximizing the power-to-weight ratio, these engines achieve accelerations that exceed standards, propelling these hypercars from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2.1 seconds. Their design also makes it possible to reach top speeds that come close to the physical limits of road vehicles, often exceeding 390 km/h. A threat to the current Chiron :)

New raw materials

These models combine traditional materials and technological innovations to optimize performance and durability. Steel and aluminum provide extreme robustness, while carbon fiber offers excellent aerodynamics. Advanced polymers are used for interior finishes, making these models a masterpiece of Futuristic engineering.


Secret Prototypes

Futuristic Performance

Excessive power

New Materials

“Join VisionaryCar , the project that takes travelers of the Future on board

Prototype 2.0